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B Print Ink Writers' Room

September 2023 Update


Welcome to the B Print Ink Writers' Room!

My summer hiatus, working on personal writing projects and tending to the garden, is nearly over. And so, I'm looking to Autumn and considering what might appeal to writers in this time of climate breakdown. More than ever, our environment needs our attention. One way to focus attention is to write letters to the editors of local and national newspapers. And, to ensure you're well-versed in the subject at hand, studying the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and writing to them, may also be useful. Check out these offerings. Or, contact me if you'd like to set up one-on-one sessions.

Save the dates!

Working with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals


Goal 1, No Poverty

October 27

Goal 5, Gender Equality

November 3

Goal 13, Take Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change and its Impacts

November 10

Work with me

Work with Bernadette


For information about working one-on-one on a creative project with Bernadette, for a manuscript evaluation, a mentorship opportunity, or to arrange a group event or presentation, please email

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