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Amuse bouche: samples to whet the appetite

Recent Writings



Weeding the Garden

I start at the outside edges

where the light is bright, work in

on a spiral toward darker parts.

Perennial grasses push

the edges of my patience, rampant

root re-generation overtaking beds of

meditative practice where once insight

blossomed purple, fuschia, yellow.

I dig deep. A garden fork

perpendicular to the ground,

tines prying as I angle up

releasing long-held tears.

Toss the clump

into rusted wheelbarrow,

push it to the compost heap.

From The Dry Valley (Radiant Press, 2019)

On the shore

You hurry the children 
through snack time
jammie time
story time
to bed time
sneak peeks at my legs, bare 
in your mind as my suitcase empties


until we goodnight the children and you 
remove each item
and drop to the floor
my sweater, skirt, and blouse 


but the stockings
you toss to the ceiling 
settle on our bedside lamp
shimmer like watergrass 
on the shore 
of this hot place.


From This Hot Place (Thistledown Press, 2010)

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