Meet Bernadette

"I want to stop the bus, get off and walk

wherever she's walking, talk

whatever she's talking because I'm so hot-

damn interested in what she'd said." 

Excerpted from Rant in The Dry Valley (Radiant Press, 2019)

Growing up on a small family farm just outside of Regina, Saskatchewan, influences every thought, idea, and perception you have. Bernadette Wagner embodies the spirit of Canada’s prairies. Ranging from sweet, gentle summer breeze to the howling winter winds, prairie life steels and tempers character. Gently rolling parkland instilled Bernadette’s love of the land and her compassion for those in need imbued her commitment to community and humanity. 

​Bernadette served on the boards of several organizations including the Saskatchewan Writers Guild and the Sage Hill Writing Experience and as Chair of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. She was the inaugural writer-in-residence at the Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre and edited, A Gift of the Prairie, a collection of writings arising from the southern shore of Last Mountain Lake.

Featured in journals, anthologies, newspapers and magazines, on radio and television, film and the web, in schools, on stages, and in the streets of Regina, Bernadette writes in multiple genres.

Studying with former Vancouver Poet Laureate, Rachel Rose, in the Vancouver Manuscript Intensive allowed her to visit Japan and complete a first draft of a manuscript exploring uranium. An excerpt from an unpublished work of fiction netted her a Saskatchewan Writers Guild Short Manuscript Award for Children’s Literature. And her collection of poetry, This hot place (Thistledown Press, 2010). was shortlisted for the Saskatchewan First Book Award. Her second collection of poetry,  The Dry Valley (Radiant Press, 2019) is now available.

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