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I'm Bernadette Wagner, an author, editor, poet, mentor, teacher, and community-builder who loves to sing and garden, teach and learn, as well as write. My work has been honoured with a few awards and for that I am grateful. At present my thanks extends to SK-Arts and the jury of my peers, whomever they may be, for granting me an Independent Artists' Award to revise and polish a novel for children. A decade ago, an excerpt from that manuscript won a short manuscript award for children's literature, so it was time for the rewrite.

I'll be presenting a session on meditation and creativity at the Provincial Association of Transition Houses & Services in Saskatchewan (PATHS) conference - Regrouping and Recharging: Gathering to Create Sustainable Change in October. More information on that will be available later this summer. Also available soon in the B Print Ink Writers' Room will be information online webinars, workshops, and classes I'll offer this fall.

For more information regarding school, library, and community visits, please see my member page at the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild's website and know that I can adapt my presentations to meet your needs. Please contact me for more information.

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